We are thankful for the services provided by our US military familys as well as our Police and Firefighters here at home. Our family would like to honor them by providing a discount on their most loyal companion. All veteran and active duty personnel, their spouse, children, or anybody living under the same roof will receive a $100 discount on any puppy on our site. Personnel, spouse, children, or member of household must provide valid identification. Thank you for protecting our us and freedoms!

Bring a new puppy home with payments as low as 


Premier Puppies is a BBB Accredited Dog Breeder in West Plains, MO

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Adopted Pet Pictures

As you can see in pics w/mule deer,  we constantly address her intelligence & we are not disappointed ! (Note the

leash)    If I remain "at ease" she takes the cue & "settles" in....howbeit, max at times !  These are wild animals.
She's good with doves, bird feeder life, & LOVES to give squirrels a good run, staying about a couple feet from them.
She's friends with a white-tail & her this year's lamb, although the mother deer is slow allowing her distance (she was
close friends with our previous Shepherd, our beloved Annie). The mother deer & lamb will still come to feed about 30 feet
from Callie. Amazingly, Callie respects that.  Callie has an unusual preoccupation with anything that flies...a KC-135 Air Force
"fueler" flys by & she stops & watches intently the whole time it is in view.  Likewise with hawks, eagles, & ravens.
4 walks a day is her joy with corresponding  3 meals & 2 snacks with lesser volume but total  for the day.  She has a very
QUIET existence but very active...loves music !  This pretty much covers her life !   Sorry to be so "wordy" but we wanted you to
know the life Callie is enjoying...sure is a lot of love between us & this "fur-bearing beast".    ?  ? !!
 Must add...our 4-legged child !

If you would like to share a story or a picture of your pet, send us a photo and it may be featured in our Pet corner.


Premier Puppies is a BBB Accredited Dog Breeder in West Plains, MO

Premier Puppies


Here at Premier Puppies we take pride in not only our professional relationship with our clients but also our personal relationship that builds with the adoption of one of our babies because you become a part of our family when you adopt one of our babies. As a professional breeder I would like to say that health issues never occur but that is not always the case sometimes there are things that are out of our control. Puppies health can be effected by many different factors such as exercise, genetics, food and exercise, and the overall care of your pet. In the unlikely event that a genetic health issue does occur we are hear for you!

We take many steps in making sure that the puppy you are receiving is a healthy one. Our puppies will be up to date on the basics such as vaccinations and de-wormings but here at Premier Puppies we take it a step farther by administering Giaradia and Coccidiosis preventatives because we have young children and realize the potential risk. The two fecal parasites can be caused from many different things like stress of travel and drinking dirty water ( standing rain water) or coming in contact in fecal matter of a infected dog. While we can't guarantee that your new puppy will never have a health problem we can assure you that we have taken all the proper steps to ensure you receive a healthy one! We also recommend you take your puppy to your vet within 48 hours of receiving it to assure that it is still healthy and happy after it arrives.

Premier Puppies Lifetime Guarantee

We define lifetime as period of ten years from the date of birth.

1. We know a puppy is not replaceable but we also know that sometimes the pain of the lose can be lessened by another baby puppy. In the unforeseen death of one of our babies within year from there date of birth due to a genetic disorder or a life altering hereditary or genetic disorder we will replace it with another puppy of equal value. The only cost you would incur is the cost of shipping if needed. A cause of death has to be determined by a licensed veterinarian and and second opinion can be requested by Premier Puppies at a vet of there choice in your area.

2. In the unfortunate case of a death of a puppy due to genetic disorder in years 2-10 you will will be credited in the amount of 50% of the cost of your original puppy and that can be applied to the purchase of a replacement puppy. Again the cause of death will has to be determined by a licensed veterinarian and a second opinion can be requested by Premier Puppies at a vet of there choice in your area.

Your part


Here are a few steps you can take to help make sure your puppy remains healthy.


1. We would like for you to continue de-worming your puppy and getting regular health exams until 15 weeks of age or as your veterinarian recommends.

2. Exercise and diet a crucial to your pets health and should be discussed with your veterinarian. We recommend regular examinations and immunizations.

3.After you receive your puppy from us you will need to email us a copy of the medical records within two business days (excluding weekends and holidays) to assure your guarantee. Your puppies examination must be done by a licensed veterinarian and it's ID number (microchip number) must be in the exam records.

 4. We include a sample packet of NuVet Plus vitamins to start your puppy off. These will need to be ordered and given to your new puppy for the first year. You must use to provided order code when ordering NuVet Plus vitamins, so that we are able to keep track of the orders. Order Code:  http://www.nuvet.com/38429

 5. We will include a sample package of Life's Abundance puppy feed when you receive your puppy. The puppy feed with need to be ordered and given to your puppy for the life of your puppy. This will need to be ordered from our website using the link provided so that we are able to keep track of purchases. Here is the link:  http://www.lifesabundance.com/PremierPuppies



Premiers Puppies Guarantee Exceptions

  1. Failure to provide you puppy with regular veterinary care will void this guarantee.

  2. We will not provide replacements for breeds that a known to be prone to hip dysplasia.

  3. We will not provide replacements for dogs that are found to be over weight as to that's normally caused by poor diet or exercise.

  4. Premier Puppies will not be held responsible for any medical expenses incurred. You as a buyer are aware that owning a puppy means trips to the veterinarian and understand that you will be responsible for all payments.

  5. Premier Puppies also will not cover the cost of neutering or spaying your pet including undescended testes.

  6. Premier Puppies also cannot guarantee your puppies size, temperament, weight, markings, color, breeding ability or disposition.

  7. If Premier Puppies is no longer in business you guarantee will become void as it will be impossible offer a replacement or credit for a puppy if we are no longer raising them.

  8. Failure to continue giving the NuVet Plus supplements to your puppy will void any and all of the health guarantee. (6/2015)

  9. Failure to continue feeding LIfe's Abundance to your puppy for his/her life time will void any and all of the health guarantte. (10/2015)


Premier Puppies Return Policy

We realize that sometimes circumstances change. You may be forced to move into a area this is not pet friendly. You or your family may decide that taking care of a puppy really isn't what you want to do after all. Health or allergies may prevent you from giving proper care or attention to your puppy. At any time during your puppies lifetime Premier Puppies will always welcome back one of there puppies regardless of reason or age. We want to make sure that our puppies stay happy and well cared for. If you have to give your puppy up please contact us before giving you puppy away to a stranger or shelter. If you return a puppy for any reason it will be on a surrender basis only and no refund or credit will be given. Premier Puppies will not be held responsible for any shipping cost to get the puppy back unless agreed upon but will be happy to help make arrangements to do so.


**If you decide to cancel an order on a puppy that you have purchased there will be a $400.00 non-refundable deposit held out of your refund.



This lifetime ( ten year ) health guarantee is only valid on puppies sold after 04/01/2013






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