We are thankful for the services provided by our US military familys as well as our Police and Firefighters here at home. Our family would like to honor them by providing a discount on their most loyal companion. All veteran and active duty personnel, their spouse, children, or anybody living under the same roof will receive a $100 discount on any puppy on our site. Personnel, spouse, children, or member of household must provide valid identification. Thank you for protecting our us and freedoms!

Bring a new puppy home with payments as low as 


Premier Puppies is a BBB Accredited Dog Breeder in West Plains, MO

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I am writing to you in hopes to find out a little more about Porter. We have Handsome, a 2 year old Golden Retriever that we had adopted from you and we are interested in Porter as well! First though we were curious to see if Handsome and Porter were bred from the same parents? I am sure you have a lot of other inquires so I am eager to hear back!

Thank you,
Stephanie, Zach & Handsome

*They are welcoming their 2nd Golden from us, Porter


If you would like to share a story or a picture of your pet, send us a photo and it may be featured in our Pet corner.


Premier Puppies is a BBB Accredited Dog Breeder in West Plains, MO

About Us


The main philosophy at Premier Puppies is to provide the best possible puppy for you in a professional yet caring way.  Our puppies are loved dearly and we want each and every one to have a caring and loving home. 


Our board-certified Vetrenairians and technicians are trained in the latest techniques of animal care and make sure that you are going to recieve a healthy puppy. We have a total health check that every puppy must pass prior to coming home to you.



Special care is taken to ensure your pet has all the comforts they desire.

our family

Summertime 2017

The Boys enjoying this COLD weather!!

Family Vacation 2016

Typical day around our farm..Puppy Play time!

Welcome Colt Anderson Smith to the family! Born 04/18/2014 8lbs 7.5oz 20" long
Hadley and Mommy!!! :)
Daddys little girl!!!
Summers Spring Turkey Harvest!!! 2013
Daddy's Buck 2013
Family Rodeo 2014
Caroline and Hadley enjoying the park
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